A Lifetime of Service

You and your have put in the hours and paid your dues. You trust them, and they trust you.

A Moment of Pride

Now it’s time to show the world the pride you take in what you’ve accomplished.

A Promise To The Future

Build a legacy for others with an engraved firearm from Osage Custom Guns.

Show the world your pride and commitment with a custom engraved gun from the SIG SAUER Commemorative Program. The Commemorative Edition features custom engraving and enhanced finishes on select SIG SAUER pistols and rifles. Your group will also receive special discounted pricing.


Program Highlights:

  • - Minimum order of 15 pistols or 10 rifles
  • - Choose from 4 levels of personalization: Standard, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Learn more by visiting the Engraving Options page, or contact us to for more information.


Your Friends. Your Co-Workers. Your Team. Your Memories.

The SIG SAUER Commemorative Edition Engraving Program is open to everyone. Your friends, community group, service organization, military unit, law enforcement or public service team can honor your shared pride and commitment with a custom-engraved firearm that reflects the bonds of your shared history and the promises of your future. With a wide variety of engraving options and an even wider selection of guns to chose from, the SIG SAUER Commemorative Engraving Program has an engraved gun that is the perfect expression of the pride and dedication of your organization*.

*U.S. domestic residents only. California and Massachusetts residents are not eligible to participate.